Krabi Sunset Tour and Snorkeling with the Biolumiscent Planktons

When you visit Krabi, don’t miss out the sunset island tour and night snorkeling package offered by Mariam Travel and Tour. You’ll get to hop into 7 islands, 3 of which are connected by sand ridges or tombolos and you can walk from one to the other during low tides. Also, you will experience the beauty of the sun setting down and painting the sky orange upon heading to Railay Beach (famous for caving and rock climbing activities) for the barbecue dinner. The highlight of the tour is the night snorkeling with the bio-luminescent plankton. At the site, all lights are turned off. When you plunge into the water, your every move glows. I wasn’t able to take a single photo of that though, since cameras/phones are discouraged (because the light source from the LCD’s will lessen the plankton’s glow). But well, some of the best moments are never captured by cameras.

They are experienced and cherished first hand.

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