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… Isle of Betel Nut
… Peranakan
… Pearl of the Orient
… Food capital of Malaysia

Months before I stepped foot into this part of Malaysia, I only heard those tags above associated with the place. In fact, I never got interested in visiting the island until I joined an airline company 6 months ago.

Sometimes, being burned out helps you discover more places. Wonderful places! I got stressed one day and had been wanting to go somewhere to just roam around and ‘chillax’.

I searched for nearby places to spend the weekend and whoahlah!, an “Escape the Ordinary” ad popped up – “FREE THINGS TO DO IN PENANG”. 😮 Catchy for a low budget traveler like me! 😉

And there goes me and my backpack! I booked the Scoot flight and a hotel for a 2-day adventure trip in Penang!

My hotel was in George Town, so immediately after checking in, I went out to explore the vintage-feel, history-rich streets of the town. Yeah! It is indeed, FREE!😊


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