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That day was in Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province… As some people from different parts of the world were busy forwarding hoax messages about the “May 21, 2011 Rapture”, this southernmost part of the Philippines was being filled with beach bums, campers and first-time-visitors… No worries of being flushed away by gigantic tidal waves, or tsunamis. Just thinking about pure FUN… FUN… CELEBRATION…

 For the 6th year, Sarangani Bay Festival, has already achieved the status of being the most anticipated summer celebration in the region. Of course, I didn’t let this event pass through without being part of it. Even if we came on the last day, we did not get bored because of a number of enjoyable activities. These activities, likewise, didn’t let us get bothered by the intense heat of the sun.

We arrived at 12’Noon and the resorts were already jam packed. We were not able to rent even for an open cottage, so we went in the middle forested part of the beach in between two resorts and decided to pitch our tents there. We were not the first group who settled in that part though. A number of youngsters had already been there since the day before. It only means that the resorts were fully booked even before that culmination day.  

 After eating our lunch, we watched the Cheerdance-by-the-Bay Competition. It was entertaining to see how the participants dance and balance themselves, doing their stunts, on the uneven white sand ground. A great start in capturing a festive Saranggani moment. I enjoyed taking photos then.

 The Beach Football championship game was held after the Cheerdance competition. And we saw the team from our hometown (Polo-LAND) vying for the toughest football team. Our players were good. Unfortunately, their opponent was better (“,)… Well just a positive vibe, with more practice, some might be joining the Azkals soon. 

Aside from the fun filled activities, there are also stalls surrounding the main activity alley. People didn’t starve since the food was overflowing (You need to buy them, but, the prices were reasonable). Booths offering henna tattoos were competitive, with each artist giving his/her best masterpieces. Burloloys and beachwears were hanging around souvenir shops waiting for shoppers to bargain for them. As the waves in the afternoon had gotten stronger, skimboarders were enthusiastically playing rides on them… exhibitions here and there.

The highlight at night was led by the famous band Rocksteddy. It was, indeed… Party! Party! The crowd was energetic singing along with the band. As the night breeze went cooler, the place went even hotter with people dancing on the beat of the sound. The 10min fireworks display painted colours in the sky. It culminates Sarangani Bay Fest 2011 but just started the party-‘till-dawn mood. Certainly, it was a no-liquor-ban party since cerveza were overflowing like bottomless…

Sarangani Bay Festival is definitely a must-see summer event. I was grateful to have witnessed yet another year’s celebration and seen a lot of improvements compared to its humble beginnings. I am looking forward to more exciting treats for the next years. And to add, I am optimistic that Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province will be hailed as Mindanao’s Boracay very soon, in that it will frequently be visited by thousands of tourists even if it’s not Sarangani Bay Festival. (“,)

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  1. Sarangani Bay festival!! Great party, one of the best event ever! btw, sarangani is single "G".

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