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I’ve been to Isla Parilla Resort many times before but, I didn’t have the chance to feature the place in my blog. Last Sunday, I was invited by my balikbayan friend to come with them and tour around the city. One of our itineraries was to go to Isla Parilla… I was able to revisit the place and now, I got some pictures.
Isla Parilla, now A-Montana Resort, is located at Alabel, Saranggani Province. This place is conducive for holding large events such as birthday parties, weddings and business conferences. But for small groups who also want to spend a trip to the place, there are a bunch of amenities the resort can offer for you. The ambience in A-Montana is cool and calm and will let you get closer to nature.


The resort has a swimming pool for visitors who want to take a nippy and refreshing plunge. An entrance fee of Php50.00 is charged for swimmers and non-swimmers… Yes, non-swimmers will still be charged so it’s better to enjoy it than murmuring complains. Unless you really had a big reason not to swim (“,).


You can also enjoy fishing in their man-made lake and, likewise, go boating to make your stay more of a nature-trip. Their cultured milkfish are healthy and fresh. Then, enjoy meal-by-the-lake in their floating kiosks eating your cooked dish of freshly caught bangus (milkfish).



Experience Pinoy style Food with a Western twist at the resort’s Formosa Cafe. They also hold events especially during peak seasons like Summer, making your stay more entertaining. Moreover, the cafe has a floating veranda where you can take the pleasure of an al fresco dining.



A-Montana Resort offers room accommodations for those who want to stay overnight or longer. It has the Family Suites and the Single Cottages. For large group activities, an open function hall and the closed conference rooms are the options.




And don’t worry about the parking space because A-Montana has a wide open lot for vehicles to park.

Their other amenities are:


  • Billiards Hall
  • Videoke
  • Playground
Surely, a tour at A-Montana Resort is worthwhile. The place is just 30 minutes away from General Santos City.

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  1. Hi there. We have been informed that there will be a Bikini Open event in Isla Parilla or A Montana Resort. Can we ask for the contact number of the resort? We want to join the said event. We are from Davao City and we promise to bring the best most daring and sexiest Davao models to participate in this competition. Thanks!


  2. I saw their tarp Ad about the Bikini Open… but I was not able to get the details. Anyway, try to contact their admin office instead, I'm not sure if these numbers are still active.

    (083) 552-5478
    (083) 552-3980
    (083) 552-5479

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