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Where could you find a giant tuna drinking pineapple juice? Where could you find a submarine in the beds of sea treasures and marine gardens, as if a portion of the ocean disembarked? Where could you find a Coconut Island in a tuna? How about a giant tuna cake?… Unbelievable?…  If you can’t answer these questions, well it’s just that, you’ve missed Gensan’s most awaited event–> the Sparkling Tuna Float Parade.


The celebration of this year’s Tuna Festival was a grandiose one as proven by the parade of giant floats intricately designed to glow in the main streets of General Santos City. In addition, the train went more lively with the dancers in costumes representing their own float.
The participation of the companies, establishments and institutions in Gensan only tells everyone that although they compete with each other, they are united in one goal. That is to make the city grow and progress economically as tagged, Tuna Capital of the Philippines.



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