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the Belencio- Cataluña Siblings & Mama Elena


Mama Elena at 94 (Great-Grandma)
Filipinos are known to be family-oriented and it is evident in gatherings they hold once or even more than that in a year. Aside from the Christmas season, the next best time for these gathering events to be celebrated is during the heat of the summer season in the country. In other words, Family reunions have also become a summer thing. Well, a big factor for this is the school break. The majority of participants are obviously children or those who are attending school. Not to mention, the main “pambatos” of every family to do intermission numbers are them, right?
Been there, done that… I swear…
Last week, we attended our biggest family reunion, and should I say, it was tiring but fun. This event was the first big gathering for all families on my mother’s side. I attended family reunions before but it was just a gathering in a small and closely related group. This time it was for the whole clan, up to maybe 4th or 5th generation. It was a full day of games, introductions, and entertainment. I got the chance to meet my distant relatives. Yes, literally speaking our “malalayong kamag-anak”. I honestly don’t know them before that day.
The Cataluña-Biñas Family. From my grandma Angelica’s side (some were not around, but yes, we are growing bigger and bigger)
The line, “You might have come across each other, and you don’t even know you’re related”,  has been abused today. Never even thought that my grandma’s siblings are all alive!… One of them, who didn’t attend the gathering, did not marry at all. (“,) An interesting fact that I want to know more… We didn’t meet but I am hoping to bump into him one of these days to exchange “hello’s” and “how are you’s”.
I was amazed that my great grandparents were able to raise such a big family. I was waiting for the names of Ayala, Tan, Cojuangco, or Sy to be mentioned during the roll call though. Unfortunately, not a single drop of blood is there to say we are connected. LOL. (“,)
Kidding aside, family reunions are, indeed, one of the best things celebrated by Filipinos.  I am lucky that most members of my family had given a lot of their efforts to gather each and every one of us even just for a single day. Having to meet almost everyone from this huge family and knowing what some of us have achieved so far, regardless of how little or big the positive impacts in our lives are, is something that anyone can be proud of. Somehow, there is a feeling of fulfillment.
I will always be looking forward to more family reunions!… and branches in the family tree. Haha!


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