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Madyaw Resort is just one of the options on where to stay overnight at Canibad Beach in Sitio Audanao, Samal City. Entering the resort, one can see from an elevation, the white sand shorelines of Canibad. The owners has been continuously developing the place so that people can relax without thinking of pitching their tents just to have a comfortable sleep during the night. 

They have a spacious reception hall/dining area where visitors can wait while arranging their accommodations. Aside from the small closed cottages, they have wide tent areas for visitors who choose to be more in the mood of camping. A big tree house at the center is, likewise, convenient for a large group of beach-goers. For honeymooners, tropical themed airconditioned rooms can be rented. Open cottages and tables along the beach are readily available for those who are in a budget mode.

Soon, water will not be a problem since deep wells are already being constructed. 

Below are the Rates at Madyaw Resort (As of April 2011):
> Entrance Fee- Php20.00 plus Php5.00 Environmental Fee
> Small Closed Cottages – Php1000.00
> Airconditioned Rooms (family) – Php 2500.00
> Tree House (for large groups) – Php 1500.00
> Open Cottages- Php100.00 Day rate, Php 200.00 Night rate 
> Tables (along the beach) – Php 100.00
> Tent Area Fee- Php 100.00/tent

Canibad can be reached via a bumpy habal-habal ride either from Kaputian Port or Penaplata Bus Terminal. The road can, somehow, be tolerated by lower body vehicles so if you plan to bring your own “tsikot”, Canibad is accessible. There’s no problem at all, for bigger 4WD vehicles.

Madyaw Resort Contact Info:
Landline- (082)286-9540

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  1. well, we took the other side.. We rode a passenger boat from Sta. Ana to Kaputian, which costs us:
    Php 50.00- boat fare
    Php 100.00- habal-habal fare (Kaputian to Canibad)

    Madyaw Resort Rates are affordable (please see rates above)…

    i think, in a group of 5, each one will spend at most Php500, including food (2days, 1night stay)… given, you really wanna keep a tight budget…

  2. ilang oras ung byahe nyo?

    like from st.ana to kaputian?
    and kaputian to CAnibad??

    thanks nwei sa post mo it helps a lot…

  3. ur welcome @shen,
    anyway, boatride from sta.ana to kaputian will take 30min, as well as, from kaputian to Canibad… so all in all, 1hr ang travel from Davao to Canibad…

  4. Good day, i am trying to come to this resort this weekend. Is there food available, i.e. a restaurant? Do you rent double rooms? How much is a room? We want to take our bicycles, what is biking like, i.e. is there a paved road or dirt road only? What other activities are offered? Please let me know, thanks. Julia:

  5. Hi, Father Jeff… Thanks for appreciating… I was only able to acquire one contact number from this resort…

    Tried to call the number and it's still ringing. Wasn't able to verify it though…

  6. hai po . ngayon cu lun po nkita ang place nyo sa pics . i just want to ask like 4 example . malapit lun kmi sa peƱaplata . san po kmi hihinto ?? double ride po bup ?? i really like the place .

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