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Located at Sitio Audanao
in the Island Garden City of SAMAL

Not anymore a “Secret Paradise”
I had been to Canibad years ago and it was so refreshing the first time I stepped on its crystal clear waters. The 45 minute rough “habal-habal” ride which gave me butt-aches paid off when we started jumping (playing around like children) from the 3-storey high cliff and plunged into the cool blue sea. The place had not yet been developed during that time. There’s no electricity. The area seemed secluded because of it’s being undeveloped. But I still liked it… Really liked it… Canibad being somehow isolated made it to be tagged as the “Secret Paradise”… And if this blog was created from that same year when I first came to Canibad, I could have featured this “Secret Paradise”… Also, it was an experience comparable to being castaways for 2 days. Extreme but relaxing… I then promised to go back to the place as frequent as I can. 

However, because of a busy school and working life, I was not able to keep that promise. It is only until last weekend when I visited Canibad again. I’ve read a lot of feature articles which boast the place’s serene ambiance. I’ve read a lot of blog posts encouraging readers to go visit the place. I was expecting it to have preserved it’s solemn environment, which is likewise conducive for de-stressing… But I was wrong. I am not against the development done by the government and the resort owners of Canibad. For the place to be more appreciated, it may undergo makeovers. But as an exchange to the development, Canibad gradually drops its beauty.

The cliffs are still there, but, before you enjoy diving off, you are charged by a toll fee worth Php10. The sea is still crystal clear, in that you can even see sardine cans on the bed and plastic bags floating like jellies. We were not even sure if the thing that wounded my friend’s foot was a pointed stone or the rusty can… And more resorts are being built. I hope they don’t give unjustifiable room rates. Electricity has lightened up the night of Canibad which defeats the purpose of a campfire bonding. Water source is still rationed though (and/or collected from rain water).

Despite changes in Canibad, there is still a big portion that has been preserved. The quietness of the night is still being observed. (Or maybe, during the time we visited the place, no videoke machine was turned on.) The calmness of the sea still makes you feel relaxed. The beauty of nature still overpowers the negative side of the development. Hopefully, the Php5 environmental charge that every resort takes from its customers will help in the cleaning up of mess of some who are not mindful of preserving Canibad as Paradise… 

Canibad Sunrise
And oh, there’s one more thing which is not affected by development– the rough “habal-habal” ride… (“,)

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  1. With a place as beautiful as Canibad, I will not be surprised if beach lovers will start flocking to the beach. The only sad thing is that, the beach owners were not able to preserve the beauty and tranquility of the beach.

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