Posted on: February 25, 2021 Posted by: jepoisadventure Comments: 0

Singapore, being a technology and business hub, is definitely not moving away from living with nature. Home of several nature parks and gardens, Singapore indeed envisions the combination of urban living and the natural habitat.

Last weekend, we went to one of the preserved forested areas in the city to breathe some fresh air (despite the slow-paced movement brought by this “new normal”). A little walk in the park to appreciate the green surroundings of this urban jungle.

Ok! Enough of the intro… I’m trying to make the description longer as “no one would really care about”. 

Actually, we just went out last weekend to unwind from being stuck to working from home. We got nowhere to go so we decided to take some canopy walk in a forest park and Whoalah!, I got some beautiful phone shots of nature’s colors combined with few concrete lines.

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