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Purea Magazine Header_Jepois AdventureWow! It’s been a while, like a more than a year since I posted something relevant and current.

How’s everyone coping up with the current situation? This pandemic has significantly disrupted everything, right? 😑

On a positive note, let us take this “staying home” a chance to reflect on ourselves and still be productive. For me, I got the luxury of time to be able to transfer all my articles from the old blog ( I finally completed it.

I was able to fix few plugins on this site too. Woohoo! 😎 Apparently, Google Adsense won’t approve my account using the new email address. Sigh! I am writing to them to plead. I changed my country address 2 years ago and I wasn’t able to get my account verified until now. 😑

Speaking of “keeping ourselves productive”, I also got more time to do some online training and started with my favorite desktop applications in Adobe Creative Cloud. I am proud to share this 15-sec introduction clip which took me 7 hrs to finish. Lol! Still, this is fulfilling because at least there is no need for me to grab youtube intro videos anymore because I already had my own.


Anyway, I also hope you all are keeping safe, healthy, and still productive. When this is over, let us travel the world and experience more adventures again! Soon!

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