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Although this was the wrap-up trip of our 11-day Japan adventure, I can say, our itinerary was still loaded. From visiting historical landmarks to food tasting, our remaining 3 days in Japan was never boring.

From Fujikawaguchiko, we jumped off and rode the train going to Osaka. We missed the Shinkansen twice when we were in Yokohama so we arrived late in the afternoon at our hostel. We just settled for a bit and went off again to Dotonbori to shop for souvenirs and, of course, for a food trip. We spent our first night in Osaka bumming around Dotonbori.



The next morning, we went off early for Kyoto as we wanted to maximize our day in 2 cities. We planned to spend the whole morning and afternoon exploring Japan’s former capital city and experience nightlife at Kobe.

It, really, is a good idea to visit popular tourists’ spots at the earliest possible time since they aren’t that crowded yet. From Arashiyama Bamboo forest to Kinkakuji to Fushimi Inari; squeezing in these 3 Kyoto destinations in a day was all good for us to take as many selfies as we could. Lol! But yeah, Kyoto has a lot to show and one day is really not enough. We will probably be back!

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


Kinkakuji Temple


Eating everything “Matcha”

Fushimi Inari Taisha (Shinto Shrine)


There are hundreds of Torii Gates in Fushimi Inari Taisha that you won’t even give a damn effort to count. And the sunset?… It rained for almost the whole day but, fortunately, the sun showed up when it was just about to set. It was just magical.

We went off towards Kobe around 5pm. Anyway, since the sun rises early in Japan, it also sets early so it was already dark when we arrived at Kobe although the time was only around 6pm. So… what else would we do in Kobe?… Of course, to eat one of the specialties that the city is boasting of- the Kobe beef. There are a lot of restaurants in Kobe Harbourland which offers Wagyu beef steak but in some blogs I read, there are other places in Kobe where the prices for this sought-after “meal” are much lower. We were not able to go and find those restaurants though. We were a bit exhausted exploring Kyoto and all we just wanted is to find a place to sit, eat and relax.

Mouth-watery Kobe Beef
Kobe Harbor Front
Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel, Kobe Harborland

The next morning, since our departure time going back to Singapore is at 6pm, we went to take a quick visit to Osaka Castle. The surrounding park was wide so we just spent 3 hours roaming around and killing our time before heading back to Kansai Airport.

Osaka Castle


It was only my second time to visit Japan and I’m really looking forward to more adventures in this amazing country. Our 11-day trip was really not enough. I have only been to the major cities and hopefully when I’ll be given the chance to go back I can visit more of the outskirts. As I heard those places pull you closer to the rich culture of Japan. Sugu Modorimasu! Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu!


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