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I, actually, don’t know what to feature yet, so I only made this 1-minute video of our Maldives trip. I still can’t get over from last weekend… Separation anxiety, is it? Who wouldn’t feel that, huh, having been to a place considered as paradise? Alright… I’m exaggerating. 😆

Budget? My friends keep asking me this, “How much did we spend?” Uhmmm… I can’t say this was a low budget trip but preparation definitely helps – from expenses to activities, even to the OOTD’s. Lol! Just be prepared. As long as you are, you wouldn’t even mind spending slightly more than the estimated ones. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing our DIY itinerary to “those in need”. 😊🤣

Activities? I think we’ve covered enough- experience the luxury of a private island resort and likewise feel the good vibes in a local island. This ‘4 nights and 4 days’ trip was jampacked. The excursions we had were tiring but worth it (will be posting them soon).

Overall, this adventure was overflowing with fun, fun, and fun. Although, I’ve been dreaming about a different scenario- a more romantic one (cheesy)- but still, no regret. As quoted, we would rather look back at our lives and say we can’t believe we have done that instead of saying “I wish I did that”. Yeah! Will definitely be back soon!

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