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As promised I will give you the itinerary of our 4-nights, 3-days stay in Singapore. But first, let me tell you some tips with regards to purchasing your airfare tickets, choosing the place to stay, where to have your meals and how to get around the city.

Airfare:  I’m the type of person who grabs the opportunity of having to pay less in the transportation fee, especially talking about airfare. Fortunately, people as I am can have the luxury of internet browsing because there are a lot of budget fares airlines do offer nowadays. Just be patient enough to wait and check for these promos frequently. It pays when you’re online. Our Cebu Pacific plane ticket going to and fro Singapore via NAIA 3 airport was only worth Php 2,900.00 (Sing$ 88.00).

Hotel: It is essential that you have to have a reservation of your accommodation prior to your arrival date in any place, especially for an out of the country trip. And in Singapore, hostels are the cheapest but comfortable places to stay in. One of which is The Hive Backpackers’ Hostel in 624 Serangoon Road. Their dorm rate is as low as Sing$20.00 per head per night. What’s best about The Hive is that they’re straight with their aim to make guests feel at home away from home. “Feel at home. Consider everyone your peer.” Two carpeted lounge areas with cable TV’s, sets of computers and a billiard pool are always ready for those who want to relax after a long day of touring around Singapore. They offer free breakfast, but guests should prepare it themselves. The whole building is also wi-fi ready.
To contact The Hive Backpackers’ Hostel:
Phone/ Fax:       +65-6 341 5041
Snail Mail:            624 Serangoon Road
                            Singapore 218223
Meal: There’s a huge number of dining choices in Singapore, from fancy restaurants and fine dining to “down-to-earth” hawker centres. As expressed, Singapore is a nation of foodies, so the wealth of dining experiences offered should come as no surprise. And since I am talking about a budget trip, I recommend the Hawker Hotspots. For a taste of the dishes Singaporeans enjoy on a daily basis, you must visit a hawker centre. Delicious street foods are offered in these places which serve up just one or a few dishes hawkers perfected over many years. Prices here range from Sing$3.00 up to Sing$ 8.00 per serve. Just a friendly tourist advice from Laagan Adventures, do not convert your expenses when it comes to buying your meals, unless you want to get hungry the whole trip. Just give a budget of Sing$20.00 for your meals per day.


Getting Around the City: There’s even no problem when it comes to the transportation around the city. For you to be able to go to Singapore’s most visited tourists’ destinations, public buses, the MRT and taxis are much available. You can also apply for tickets in various tour agencies if you want to have an established itinerary. But for adventure budget seekers, a map will be a perfect tour guide already.

Public buses can bring you to practically every corner of the island and this is a cheap way to get around. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is more comfortable, clean and runs punctually from 6am until midnight. Fares start from Sing$1.00 and tickets can be purchased at all MRT stations. If you think you have to ride the train or bus every time you go from one spot to another, a tourist’s ticket is recommended which only cost Sing$ 8.00 per day with a ride-all-you-can access. This ticket can be purchased in selected stations like Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut.

So here’s our itinerary, with the corresponding expenses I spent.

Day 3 (post Under Construction)

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  1. You're post was really informative as I am already gathering some tips cause I'm bound for Singapore this November. I hope you can post Day3 as soon as possible. BTW, I have a question…how can you tell if it's a Hawker Center? does it have a sign?? Thanks in advance and more power.

  2. Hi Converge14… I already have the draft of Day3 but, I couldn't find a good time to fix and post it… maybe because of the busy sked at work… Hopefully I can update my blog before your scheduled Singapore tour.

    Regarding your query, there are a lot of Hawker Centers in Singapore. You can easily find them since they are surrounded by food stalls offering different cuisines from Thailand, China, Korea, India and more… And people in Singapore prefer to eat there so when you find a food center where there are alot of people eating, then, that definitely is a Hawker Center…

  3. Hi Jaypee!
    Thank you for answering my query! We were just really planning to eat at Hawkers Center during our entire trip and I have been jotting down notes of signature meals in SG (just to complete the Singapore experience LOL). And to my delight, I found out that authentic Singaporean dishes are served at most Hawker Centers..My scheduled trip to Singapore is from Nov. 1 till Nov. 3 (3 whole days and 2 nights) I'm excited and quite nervous because this is my first time to go on an international trip (let alone first time to ride a plane =p). I only have a rough draft of our itinerary but your blog gave me an idea so hopefully I can finalize it before our trip.

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