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I’ve been hearing a lot about the Enchanted River of Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur. By the name itself, I was really wondering how enchanted the river is. I’ve read from a blog that this lagoon has been taken care of and watched by ‘charmed’ spirits, especially at twilight. There were even sightings of strange ladies walking on the river. Well, I am not after these enchanted experiences… I’m not even hoping to see strange creatures walking through at night. Duh! All I wanted is to take a plunge into the river’s cool waters… And at last, I did, together with my friends.

The Enchanted River is such a hidden paradise. This spectacular blue tarn fills the deep crevice of the forest wall. The deepest portion of the river in the middle was measured 24 meters, but, another wondrous feature is the deep hole where the water of the Pacific Sea technically percolates. This is said to be the channel of the big fishes passing from the sea to the river. During a calm moment of the day, when nobody is swimming or diving around, those big fishes come out and you can gently toss bread crumbs to feed them. With big awe, it’s been said that no one has ever caught these vast fishes, neither by hand nor by a fishnet. It made me more curious about why they prohibit anybody to take a swim beyond 6pm. It’s making the place more mysterious, huh.

Having been into this blissful place, I would say, once you dive in its cool blue waters, you will be unwilling to get out. We went spelunking into the low cavern at the rim of the mountain wall and found a spring. The water is cooler and there’s a portion where it is just waist-deep. We were not able to bring our cameras at the cave since you need to pass through the deep section of the river… So no picture was taken but, the next time I get back, I’ll be more prepared with gadgets.

The government of Surigao del Sur has already developed the surrounding place. There’s a parking lot for vehicles. An entrance fee of Php20.00 is required for more development and there are Php50.00-cottages for the picnic goers. There are boats offering island hopping trips passing through the mangroves plantation at the opening of the Philippine Pacific Sea and going to the surrounding islets of Hinatuan.

Hinatuan 13

The Enchanted River is about 12 kilometers away from the national highway. The road is quite rough; a challenge for the low-bodied vehicles. It is exactly located at Brgy. Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur which will take an estimated land travel time of 9 hours from Davao City.

Hinatuan 14


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  1. Nwala na yung pgka-enchanted ng river sa dami ng tao. I am planning to visit the river by next week pero parang nawalan ako ng gana, kasi summer ngayon, for sure maraming tao. hehehe but still the river is so majestic. 😀

  2. Hi Pinoy Travel Pod Admin (",)… May punto ka. Dahil sumisikat ang place, pinupuntahan na siya ng maraming tao… Hopefully, the local government will maintain 'yung pagiging "enchanted" ng lugar kasi dito din naman sila kumikita.

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