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OCTOCLIVE (October Climb and Dive 2010- 10/16-17/2010)
the CAMPSITE and the OUTDOOR Cooking…

We pitched our tents to stay overnight at Conel Ecopark (home of Kalilangan Eco-Carrera Activity). Water is not a problem at the campsite since it is just beside Amsikong River. There are a lot of springs safe for drinking, likewise.

Amsikong River

Mukam Gal-nam (B’laan Settler)

We’re lucky to have met one of the B’laan settlers, Mukam Gal-nam. He taught us how to cook rice in a bamboo. I’ve learned there is another variety of plant, other than bananas, which has leaves more recommended to be used as wrap- the Agik-ik plant. The Ecopark is surrounded with bamboos, as well as Agik-iks, so all you need to have is a bolo and of course the raw rice.

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