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OCTOCLIVE (October Climb and Dive 2010)
featuring the CLIMB part…

It was a sun-drenched Saturday and, as usual, the 7A.M. departure time was moved to 8 A.M… Yeah, it’s obvious! We’re following the Filipino time. We rode our bestfriend “Saddam” going to Conel and we arrived at the Baranggay Hall around 9 A.M. already for a courtesy call. The ever supportive officer-in-charge of their tourism council, Kagawad Mascardo, gave us a 15 minute talk about what to expect in the activity. We then had a short bumpy “Saddam” ride going to the jump off point. To get ready for another heat penetrating trek, we ate our brunch to Little Tagaytay, as what locals call about the Lautengco Rest House. Minus the horse back riding and the volcano within the lake with a hotter environment, I would say, the place is comparable to Tagaytay.

After taking a full lunch and a little photoshoot, we started our trek to Mt. Olympog (General Santos City’s Highest Peak). To evaluate, this mountain is very different from the others like Mount Matutum because instead of large tall forest trees and the slippery mosses, it is mostly covered with wild grasses, “talahib”. There’s also a bit wider road for mountain vehicles so for those who don’t want to take more effort, you just have to drive along your off road runners with you… And guys, you have to expect more heat, heat and heat as well. But despite that, our fulfillment won’t any longer be altered when we reached the top. Overlooking the landscape of General Santos City and the gulf of Saranggani plus the fresh mountain breeze embracing my tired sweaty body, I couldn’t keep away from the thought of being the King of the World.

Counting it all based on our pacing, the whole trek was about 2 hours from the jump off point. We only spent about 15 minutes resting at the mountain’s peak. After replenishing ourselves, we went ahead to our campsite at the Conel Ecopark, particularly, a place called Amsikong.

As what others would say, mountaineers won’t be contented with just one mountain. Whether how long you spent walking or how difficult the trail will be… whether how high or how less it is elevated… every mountain gives you unique pleasure. I think, Mount Olympog in General Santos City is not well known for mountaineering enthusiasts. I mean, I just even learned about the mountain when I saw the itinerary. However now, I will be telling you… This mountain is worth to climb for.

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