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This will surely be the answer to that question- WATER TUBING at Pangi River in Maitum, Saranggani. An extraordinary adventure developed by the locals of Brgy. New La Union, just about a 2-hour ride from the city of General Santos.
Wild River Water Tubing is somewhat similar to that of the famous wild River Rafting or Kayaking. The tripper will have to ride on an improvised floater with river guides to maneuver the way preventing him/her to hit hard on big rocks and/or helping him/her in case of an upside down turn after a big rush fall . This floater is a large wheel interior strapped with a synthetic cord around to make it more sturdy. This also has a web catcher and a handle for a convenient on-seat.

Brgy. New La Union is becoming a famous tourists’ destination because of this extreme adventure. Of course, I won’t just let myself see this on feature articles. Last weekend, my team went to Maasim to experience this escapade which has been crowed around.


Water Tubing won’t cost you that much. Just Php 120.00 and you’ll be enjoying the 30 min rushed river ride from upstream to downstream. If you wanna make it more fun, upgrade it to a longer trip of about 45 min by paying Php170.00.




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  1. Hi! I'm planning to go there alone on a weekend. Would it be possible to do lake Sebu's Zipline and Water Tubing in maitum in just 2 days? I badly need a nice itinerary.

  2. Hi Ms. Malditang "Kura"cha… Lake Sebu and Maitum are about 4 hours(land travel) apart. Maybe you need 2 days if you really wanna try both the zipline and the water tubing… But i'll try to make a good IT for you.. (",)

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