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Maybe it was fate that we were assigned to make our division’s Foundation booth. We did have a great time, although pressure was within ourselves. The four of us- Nadine, Maying, Jaydee, and I- were on the night shift at that time, when we received appointment emails demanding us to make the booth the most elegant and ambitious one. “What?! In two weeks’ time? And how about us being on the night shift?”. But this blog is not about the booth though, ‘coz I’d say, it was successful anyway.


(the Cannery Booth)


I never thought this assignment would be the start of a bond, which is more than that of being civil with each other. Well, the 15 minutes brainstorming about the booth and 45 minutes talking about anything (especially backbiting- huh!), every night, made us consider the group to be a “barkada” already. And that we then thought of having night outs to give ourselves time to, at least, unwind from the stressful work we have in the company.


(the C-team pictorial)

Just the other night, Maying invited us for a thanksgiving party at their house. Nadine and I (together with Richard) went there, although, Jaydee was not able to come due to a mid-shift schedule. I was just amazed when Maying said that for almost three years of working in Dolefil, that was the only time that she invited someone from work to come along for a party. I’m just so thankful for that. You know, my happiness is shallow, so, you can really make me happy by simply saying things like what Maying did say … That’s why I posted this as an appreciation of a bond which STARTED WITH AN ASSIGNMENT…

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