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Lake Sebu Zipline

This video was taken 9 years ago as we spent Valentine’s day zipping our way up to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato… I have been featuring many about this adventure in “Laagan Adventures”, but let me just re-post it here.

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The Mt. Matutum Climb

Repost from my old Laagan Adventures Blog (08 March 2008)… This was my first ever mountaineering adventure. As you can see in the gears and outfit, everything was improvised- not fit for climbing. But since it was my first time, I consider it the most memorable one. 

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The Maldives: Why is this a “Not-So-Budget-Friendly” Itinerary?

Because I spent less than USD1000? Lol! 😆 Read through to know more! They say The Maldives is every couple’s dream honeymoon destination… a paradise ONLY FOR the rich and the famous. However, a tourism boost has made the country more accessible for those who are on a tight budget… Moreover, you don’t have to be keen on finding for “Ms. Perfect” nor “Mr. Right” because the setting doesn’t need…

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Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe

This is a wrap-up trip of our 11-day Japan adventure, but it was so full. From historical landmarks to food tasting, our remaining 3 days exploring Japan was jam-packed and has never been boring. 

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Layover at Fuji Kawaguchiko

This quiet town of Fujikawaguchiko gets busy with the influx of tourists – foreigners, and locals alike – all year round.

But still, unlike other attractions around here (Mt. Fuji Ropeway and Fuji-Q Highlands) where queues are long, the town also has tourist spots closer to nature, where you can enjoy and relax without getting stressed due to queuing up. If you are fond of walking around to stroll then you will definitely love it there.

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Bali Trip 2019 (Tropical CNY Escapade)

Just before the Chinese New Year, we’ve been thinking about where can we spend our days off (holidays). It should be somewhere culturally/traditionally rich, Instagrammable as well as “blog-worthy” and easy-access for our Philippine Passports. Where else? BALI topped our list… As a last-minute decision, we grabbed our backpacks, put in all our gadgets, comfy clothes, and headed to a Tropical CNY Escapade! Below is a compilation of this quick…

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Spent 1 Night and 1 Day in Tokyo


Absolutely, a must-visit city for everyone- from all “walks of travel”. A city where tradition and modern life get along in balance. I got the chance for a 1 night-1 day stopover in Tokyo during our Japan trip and I would say, though compressed, it was still loaded with fun. We were able to stretch our legs to explore some of the famous tourist spots around the city.

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Bangkok Quick Trip

Happy New Year!!! This would be my first official post, but not the first official travel, for 2019. Since this was a business trip, I really didn’t have the chance to explore the city. Although, I already visited Bangkok more than a year ago and I’d say, our time then was enough to be able to explore some of the well-known tourist attractions, except for one – The Grand Palace.…

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First Time “Skiers”

What would winter in Hokkaido be like without the ski adventure? While other people are trying to make themselves warm from the cold weather, we tried to expose ourselves to a “cooler” and extreme adventure. Having no experience made it difficult at first but eventually, I managed to complete a few beginners’ trails. Sapporo Teine is a ski resort just 30 minutes train-ride away from Sapporo Station. The place is…

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A Short Winter Trip in Hokkaido

I’m Back! Wheewww! The latter part of the year has been quite tough at work when I thought it will be a more relaxed yearend (due to “code freezes”). Unfortunately, it was not. But then, I was able to slot in a 10-day holiday; a much-awaited stress-relieving trip in my favorite country- Japan! They say it is one of the most wonderful places to enjoy the winter season, so I…