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the Mt. Matutum Climb

Most of us are not familiar with this sleeping volcano. Some would say, they’d rather climb other peaks than wasting their cracks going up the, what is known to be, Mount Matutum. But for those who live and grew up on the municipalities, cities, and provinces surrounding this almost perfect cone, it is as if they’ll be missing half their lives if they won’t be able to climb its highest…

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It Started with an Assignment

Maybe it was fate that we were assigned to make our division’s Foundation booth. We did have a great time, although pressure was within ourselves. The four of us- Nadine, Maying, Jaydee, and I- were on the night shift at that time, when we received appointment emails demanding us to make the booth the most elegant and ambitious one. “What?! In two weeks’ time? And how about us being on…

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Kalayo Fire Dancers

    These photos were taken during the finale program of our company’s 47th foundation anniversary. I was just so amazed that it made me want to learn the art of fire dancing- such a unique form of self expression. click photos to enlarge