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Like how many times would I be invited to go to this part of Sultan Kudarat? Countless times?.. I always give them a promise…. But, breaks it… Not until that day, I finally had the chance to visit Tacurong City.




We went there to do some business, but, our host didn’t let us fly back home without stopping over in one of their most visited attractions…. The BARAS BIRD SANCTUARY Going there was quite a bumpy ride but the sight of vast Palm Tree Plantations and green to golden rice fields would make you not mind “butt-aches”.

We went there late in the afternoon (almost twilight) already so majority of the birds are going back on their nests to rest. We could hear the chirping and singing of the resident birds which seemed to be a harmonious twilight concert. It was really amazing and will make you sing along with them by creating your own whistles.

This male Great Egret is showing his girl how “Macho” and goodlooking he is. This is the egret’s way of finding a partner during the mating season… “Nagpapa-pogi”

The sanctuary covered almost 2 hectares of land and is lying along a river bank. A path was established by the city government for tourists to follow on. According to the wildlife rangers, there are more than 10,000 birds nesting around the whole sanctuary. The most common among them are egrets and herons which hunt their food from 3 large lakes in North and South Cotabato as well as in the coastal areas of Sultan Kudarat.

Not a Bird, huh… Just one of the blooming flowers being cultured in the gardens of the sanctuary…

If you haven’t been in a bird sanctuary, I would really recommend you to visit this part of Tacurong City, especially, those who are just living within the neighboring towns/cities. By the way, make sure to bring extra clothes. The birds up the trees don’t choose whom are they gonna give their “gifts” to. If you’re lucky enough you might end up having them more than once- on your shoulders. (“,)

Going to Baras Bird Sanctuary is no hassle. If you take a private vehicle, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat is just about a 2-hour road trip from General Santos City Airport (via Koronadal Route). You can then ask directions from the locals going to Sitio Baras. There are also billboards to show you on how near are you from the sanctuary already. If you plan to commute, you can ride a bus with the Tacurong City Route. When you arrive the city bus terminal, you can then ask for a Habal-habal ride going to Baras. Uhmmm… I’m not sure of the fare, but, I assure you it won’t take much of your allowance. It’s a Cheap but Satisfactory Adventure, for sure!


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