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Lake Agco is in Ilomavis, Kidapawan City in Mindanao, Philippines. Being located at the foot of Mt. Apo, it is set to give their parokyanos the serenity of a green environment. Because it is hidden in the middle of the mountain’s rich forest, it maintains its enchanted ambiance thus, making it one of the sought-after de-stress destinations for people wanting to escape from the busy demanding life of the metro.
   The lake has portions where the spring is hot enough to boil and cook an egg. The heat comes from the volcano’s vent. According to scientific studies, a volcanic vent is enriched with therapeutic minerals such as Sulphur, thus, the mud of Lake Agco is also said to be therapeutic. But be careful not to have  burnt skin if you tend to rub it onto yours. A soft and gradual application is recommended. There are portions were the cold water springs out, best for you to plunge in. To conclude, the lake is a convergence of the hot and the cold water.

A mountain resort (Mahomanoy Mountain Resort) has been built to make it more convenient for people visiting there. Transportation is, likewise, not a problem since there are a lot of means on how to get there. There’s a wide road and all you need to have is the right direction. The resort has the outdoor swimming pool as well as hot tubs for children and grownups alike… Not to mention, they have a natural sauna cave and a hot jacuzzi spring for people seeking relaxation. People can stay overnight by either renting their rooms or setting up a tent in their campsite. Lake Agco is known to be the first campsite for mountaineers conquering the Philippines’ highest peak (Mt. Apo), following the Kidapawan trail. For now, the resort owners are still continuously adding more facilities such as the bigger hot pool.

24 km Road maintained by the local government of Kidapawan City

Lake Agco is truly a magnificent hidden paradise where earth, water and fire meet. This place is one of the best things to appreciate Philippines’ beauty… one of Mindanao’s pride.

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  1. Nice pics! I was looking at pictures of Lake Agco and found your site. Will visit this from time to time 🙂

  2. Hi thanks for the info. 'bout Lake Agco. Do you know how much is the rate to stay in there overnight? Is the safety an issue?

  3. hi.. how many people can accommodate the PhP500 room? we want to visit the place one of these days.

  4. by public transports (bus, jeep), you can ride from davao to kidapawan city which will take about 2hrs… Then habal-habal/jeepney ride from Kidapawan terminal to Ilomavis (PNOC) for about 45min… kung meron kayong private vehicle which can sustain rough steep roads, mas ok…

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