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This video was taken months ago as we spent V-day zipping our way up at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato… I had featured this “Laag” in my other photo-blog already, but let me just re-post it here.

The promoters say that the 7 Falls zipline adventure is the highest among other ziplines in Mindanao. ‘Di nga namin pinalagpas to experience the escapade that the municipality has been so proud of, aside from the lake… For a maintenance fee of Php 250, we had ridden a 45 second first zipline, about 350ft+ level above the gound, overlooking the laddering falls. We then went back to the base camp riding the faster second zipline for 25 seconds. Well, it’s worth a pay… an experience of a lifetime.

And since we are talking about the seven falls, of course, we didn’t miss to take a plunge and feel the ravishing stream of the highest and the only waterfall where you can have the pleasure to take a swim, the Hikong Bente Fall.

To make our escapade more exciting, we pitched our tents for an overnight stay at the camp site. But if you don’t want to stress yourselves, you can still relax in any of the first class or affordable resort hotels just around Lake Sebu…. But for me, I will recommend Nadine’s Lake Resort (please see my feature about the resort).

This is, indeed, an adventure that no one should ever miss… (more)

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  1. karun ra nako ni napansin imu blog jayp…. NICE ONE bai!hehe gikontrata ba ka sa Department of Tourism para ispread ang kagandahan ng Mindanao?hehe IDOL bai…

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